I set individuals on a path of empowerment and support them on a journey of transformational change.

My name is Lorna Harkins, I am a Personal and Professional Development Coach dedicated to helping people achieve their full potential in life, work, sport and business. I have dedicated my life to improving and developing those that I work with. I am a fully trained coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

I began my career in sport, where coaching originated. I have a Sports Science Degree, a PGDE in Education (Physical Education) and a strong background in sport, health and wellbeing where I have had the privilege of coaching and teaching for a number of years.

My passion for developing others and coaching skills means that my ability as a coach has continued to grow and I have worked with various clients to help them achieve their goals, such as improve performance at work, find clarity and direction, improve self esteem, increase confidence, reach business goals, lose weight and achieve improved health. Plus many more. I am currently working towards an Msc in Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology as I strongly believe psychology and coaching have a natural alliance and I will use this knowledge of positive psychology to further inform my coaching practice to help my clients.

My passion for helping others comes from the realisation that many people do not believe that what they really want is possible. I was one of those people, but through being coached I experienced my own journey of transformation and became a front runner :)

Many people do not believe that they can be successful, happy or are worthy of leading an extraordinary life. Unfortunately many of us grow up never learning that there is enough success and happiness for everyone, that we deserve it and that our dreams are possible. 

It is therefore my mission to educate as many people as possible so that they know that they have the ability to be the hero, to be a front runner, to have what they want and then to empower them to take action to make their life and existence one of meaning, fulfilment and success.